Frequently Asked Questions

How early should I make reservations?

 We recommend at least 2 weeks or more.  Even further out during seasonal events and Holidays.

Do you allow customer pick-ups?

No, picks-up are not allowed.  Only a Double Kups representative or contractor will deliver the machine.

What kind of power do the machines require?

 Each single dispensing machine requires a 15 amp dedicated 110/115 volt circuit.  When we say dedicated we mean nothing else is powered by the outlet or circuit breaker.

How many cups does one bottle of mix make?

 One 1/2 gallon mixe produces about 65 8 oz. drinks after water and alcohol is added.

Do you provide the alcohol?

No, Double Kups does not provide alcohol.  The alcohol must be purchased by the person renting the machine.  We only recommend the type of alcohol to purchase based on the flavor of mix you choose.

How many machines should I rent?

This depends on the amount of guest you have at your event.  We recommend 1 machine per 100 guest.  If margaritas are the only drinks being served then we suggest 1 machine per 75 guest.

How long does it take the mix to freeze?

30 - 45 minutes in an air-conditioned area for the first batch.  In hotter temperatures (above 80 degrees) usually an hour to freeze. No wait time after, since you can add mix as the machine gets low. 

How much alcohol do I need?

This depends on the mix you requested.  Please check our flavors page for the recommended alcohol for each mix. 

Are the machines easy to use?

 Yes, we will instruct you on the operation of the machines upon delivery and setup.  There are also easy to follow mixing instructions that come along with each machine.  

Is ice required to freeze the mix?

No, the machines use water, mix, and alcohol to freeze your margaritas to a perfect consistency.

Do your machines work outside?

Yes,  but we recommend keeping the machines under a tent or covered patio structure.  Since they are air-cooled, they operate much better inside. 

Do I have to clean the machine after I use it?

No, you do not.  After each rental we will pick up the machine clean and sanitize it for its next use.